Deciphering Scientology: A Primer

As previously stated in the mission statement for this blog, one of the demographics we hope to reach is non-scientologists who have family or friends in the Church of Scientology, and are seeking to understand what they are dealing with in terms of helping get their loved ones out of this destructive cult.

To further this goal, we've assembled a subset collection from the bigger document archive of Exit Zone Resources, which is featured on the backlink for the title of this post and embedded below. All of these essays are a quick read, and provide introductory info for the uninformed to become more knowledgeable. These articles are also readily available for download by anyone with a free account on Scribd.

The cornerstone pieces in this collection are the first and last essays by outspoken former members of the Church of Scientology: What Scientologists believe by Paul Schofield, and Scientology: Loosing the Religion by Phineas Fogg.

Additionally, the "Deciphering Scientology" segments in between the cornerstone works cover all of the major areas of concern that outsiders tend to loose sleep over when they first learn of their loved ones involvement in the Church of Scientology. These additional works in the middle of this series were salvaged from various archives of past usenet and forum postings, and include well-known writings from other former cult members such as Stacy Brooks, Charlotte L. Kates, Mark Plummer and Chuck Beatty.

Special thanks to Paul ("Scooter") Schofield for contributing his paper to the Exit Zone to help aid our outreach efforts, and for providing the inspiration for developing a primer on deciphering Scientology!
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