Scientology Exit Survey Results Published for Q3 2011

The latest batch of Exit Survey published reports has been released on the wiki index for this project as the third quarterly update for 2011.

The following results are based on 414 total respondents as of October 9, 2011. Historical results are also archived on the WWP wiki under Scientology Exit Survey Results.

For more information on the available documentation being compiled in this informal study, curious onlookers can reference the Church of Scientology Exit Survey Reporting Index or visit the related dox collection on scribd.

We're up by another 14 responses from 2nd quarter of 2011 with an added twist this time around:  Cult expert Steven Hassan from the Freedom of Mind Center has graciously agreed to review and critique the findings of this modest attempt by Project Chanology researchfags at amateur scholarship, once we reach 500 respondents.

The 14 new responses we got in the past quarter stacked up roughly as 1/3 in the 5-15 years spent "in" bracket, 1/3 in the 20+ years spent brackets, and the remaining 1/3 spread across all the other time spent demographics for 3+ years in.
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For an interesting comparison of how these results have evolved over the past year, check out the October 2010 versions of the same charts shown above on the Scientology Exit Survey Results: Past Reporting Highlights wiki page archive.

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The Online CofS Exit Survey is one of several ongoing data collection projects being featured and promoted to new audiences here on the Exit Zone blog. Our current initiatives include continuing to publish quarterly reporting updates for the remainder of the current year (and possibly longer if active participation remains steady).

If you are a former member of the official Church and haven't participated yet, please take the time to lend your experiences to the data being collected by following the link below.

Click Here To Take The Online Exit Survey

We hope that former members of the Church of Scientology who like what they see here, take the time to participate in all of the Exit Zone data collection projects dedicated to broadening public awareness and documenting the truth regarding the bizarre world of scientology being a dangerous cult.

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