Scientology Exit Survey - Final Results Published!

After 26 months of online polling and promotion, the final batch of Exit Survey published reports has been released on scribd for this project that includes data as of January 31, 2011.

The following results are based on 451 total respondents, with a +/- 9 margin of error. For more information on the available documentation that was compiled in this informal study, curious onlookers can reference the Church of Scientology Exit Survey Reporting Index or visit the related dox collection on scribd.

The 27 new responses we got in the last 4 months stacked up mostly in the time-served demographic categories for 10+ years in the official Church of Scientology. We were also fortunate to get a significant number of OT level folks participating in the final months, along with a handful of Independent Scientologists that helped to expand the range of experiences to some extent. A sample of some of the more interesting highlights from the published reports is featured below.
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This online exit survey was one of several data collection projects being featured and promoted to new audiences here on the Exit Zone blog. Although this effort has ended due to the SurveyPirate service being decommissioned, all of our other projects are still ongoing.

Special thanks to all the former members of the official Church of Scientology that participated, the feedback received from current members pondering their involvement with the organization who found the published reports useful has been inspirational. 

There has also been a request from the ESMB camp to do another survey project with a different goal in the future. We hope to showcase this future survey project on this blog later this year, to continue our dedication to broadening public awareness and documenting the truth regarding the bizarre world of scientology being a dangerous cult.

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  1. What a fantastic job you have done with this survey! There is so much to digest! Are you going to do an analysis report?

    From just a brief review of the reports and charts shows, to me anyway, that most people are not going to the Freezone or Independents and if they are, not for long. The reasons people left, the number of times people left/by membership position was very enlightening. So much revealed here. Stats don't lie, lol!
    Anyway, good job! Look forward to your future works. ~ Mary McConnell

    1. Thank you Mary! I am hoping to find someone more knowledgeable than me (in an academic sense) to write up their analysis of it since imo the data collector in the trench might not necessarily see the forest from trees. Whereas an independent data analyzer has a better perspective to be objective.

      But... if I fail to line that up in the near future, I might do a couple of insightful blog posts that highlight the more powerful stats we gathered.