Big List

For a basic summary of this collaborative effort and the other data collection endeavors that aim to encourage an informed exodus from the Church of Scientology, please see the Exit Zone Projects index.

Enumerating The Voices
that have been heard

The "Big List" is a compilation of  Former Church of Scientology members who have spoken out that demonstrates there are significant problems within the Church of Scientology enterprise. The names range from former litigants against injustice to defenders of basic decency. Some are advocates for ending the unmitigated abuses, while others are betrayed disciples tired of being defrauded or victims of unspeakable crimes.

The duplicity of the claim by the Church of Scientology (CofS) to be "the most ethical group on the planet" versus the suffering inflicted on the former members who have spoken out boggles the mind. Enough is enough, it's time for all those who were wronged by this organization to stand up and be counted.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
All of the former members of the CofS organization on the Big List have stood up to the oppressive policies and abusive actions of this destructive cult. They did what they had to do for the sake of their own personal integrity, and YOU CAN TOO!

Vindicating The Controversies

The evidence these voices all attest to, albeit for a multitude of reasons, indicates there is something very wrong within the Church of Scientology. Thus, when taken as a whole, the sound is deafening and reaches back for decades. This is why Anonymous goes to great lengths to data mine as many names as possible from publicly available information and dox.

In addition to the online wiki page, the compiled list is also made available on a regular basis in hard-copy format.  Check out the PDF Mirror links on the sidebar under Big List of Former Members, or on the wiki page itself, to help yourself to a copy of the current document.

The following widget features highlights of the latest updates to the Big List of outspoken former members, while additional information for submitting new entries or suggesting revisions is summarized below with further information available here.

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Ongoing Data Collection

The Big List underwent initial wikification in July 2009 and has been growing steadily ever since. The perpetual search for new names and better links for existing entries is never-ending. Although efforts are primarily centered around the active project thread on the WhyWeProtest forums or its sibling ESMB discussion thread, the Exit Zone has also surfaced a new means for gathering information from beyond the inner sanctum of the Anonymous activists.

If you know of worthy additions to add to the list of outspoken former members and have the proper details required for listing the person's full name, optional background information and a hyperlink for verifying what they said or did online, please complete the following submissions form. If you spot any errors or corrections that need done to the list, please post a comment along with the relevant details to rectify the entry at the bottom of this page.

All of the information gathered on this blog will be relayed to the anon researchers working diligently on this project, and the wiki page will be updated accordingly once your submission or comment is verified to be accurate. Before contributing your new submissions, please be sure to confirm the name(s) you wish to submit are not currently listed on the live wiki page.

For techy notes on re-using the online submission form or newsfeed on your website, please see the external usage notes previously posted on WWP and feel free to help yourself.


  1. CoS cost me 12 yrs, and a daughter.

  2. some of the stuff I did and witnessed in scientology I am not proud of and wish I could take back. So many crimes.