"Big List" of Former Members Who Have Spoken Out

Chanology Anons have been compiling an extensive wiki-based list of people who left the official Church of Scientology organization and have spoken out publicly against it. Although some of them still believe in the validity of the core precepts and practice them outside of the Church of Scientology, all of them have public denounced the legitimacy of the organization itself using their own name.

The purpose of this list is to give courage to others who are still in to finally leave, or those who have already left to speak out. In addition, perhaps those that are still in may recognize a name they may have known before and are unaware they have left. It is also important to show how extensive this list is, especially now that some senior former members have come forward.

Scientology - Through the Door Interviews

The Scientology - Through The Door website explores the thoughts of people who have participated in the Church of Scientology - their reasons for joining, for staying; their thoughts while a member, and their reasons for leaving the organization. It is hoped that through this series of interviews, people who have never been members can gain a comprehension of the motivations shared by the members and ex-members, as well as an understanding of the different experiences members have had.

The interview includes a few simple questions and the gathered responses are available online. Available questionnaires include a general interview with over 300 submissions, as well as targeted interviews for Ex-INT Base Staff and victims of Disconnection.

Church of Scientology Exit Survey

The CofS Exit Survey was a project dedicated to the distribution of a simple 20-question polling instrument for those who have left the control of the Church of Scientology, and open source publication of survey results online for further value-added statistical analysis and commentary.

This online survey was crafted to respect the real-life experience and current beliefs for both those who continue Scientology practice in some form and those who do not. It was also been designed to maximize its usefulness to a broad range of communities and interests. Our goal was to help paint a more accurate picture reflecting that the doubts current Church of Scientology members struggle with are not only valid - but mutually shared by many former members as well.

More Resources & Further Reading

Looking for information to help yourself or your loved ones exit the cult of organized scientology? A compilation of recommended outlets for futher help, along with additional references from reputable sources is available in this area of the Exit Zone.

“The only medicine for suffering, crime, and all other woes of mankind, is wisdom. Teach a man to read and write, and you have put into his hands the great keys of the wisdom box. But it is quite another thing to open the box.”   - Thomas Henry Huxley

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"Scientology" Archives - Runnin' Scared

The micro-blog rounds out our knowledge base by serving as the central square for gathering useful information from various academic fields of cultic studies. This area focus on helping recovering cult members find the missing pieces in the bigger puzzle of what they endured as a victim of the Church of Scientology.