For a basic summary of this collaborative effort and the other data collection endeavors that aim to encourage an informed exodus from the Church of Scientology, please see the Exit Zone Projects index.

Tabulating the Damage Being Done to Parishioners

The Church of Scientology Exit Survey is an online data collection project from the ranks of Anonymous and ESMB. The survey is based on a classic straw poll model, and designed for gathering cultural demographics while a building a tally of the key indicators of abuse and corruption, in the areas of greatest concern amongst former cult members.

The 20 polling questions included in this interactive survey was compiled with the help of various collaborators from the ESMB forums. The Exit Survey is hosted online using the service that is available on the following link.

Our mission is to make publicly available statistics in the form of survey results, which accurately quantifies the real-life experience of those leaving the control of the Church of Scientology. The ultimate goal of this project is to help current members and society at-large to come to an informed conclusion regarding just how bad the Church of Scientology really is.

“Freedom of speech and freedom of action are meaningless without freedom to think. And there is no freedom of thought without doubt.”

For a comprehensive outline of this effort and all of its related documentation, check out project's home page on the Church of Scientology Exit Survey wiki index. For more details on taking part in the survey, see the information below under Ongoing Data Collection.

Open Source Reporting

For the sake of current members of the Church of Scientology who are facing their doubts about the organization's dubious actions, the survey results are periodically released into the public domain in their entirety.

There is no personally identifying information gathered in this data collection project. Thus, the published results are fully secure and transparent, while the generated output is provided in various formats.

Further evaluation and statistical analysis of the compiled survey information is openly encouraged. The CC-Zero license that all of the Exit Zone Dox are released under is to be consider an open invitation to all writers & researchers with a relevant interest to make use of the published results however they deem fit.

The survey reporting documents and other materials are as follows. All of this documentation is updated quarterly with freshly compiled data and announced on the Exit Zone blog and related discussion threads once a new reporting bundle has been uploaded for public consumption.

For an extended listing of reporting files with descriptions for each item below, please refer to the Church of Scientology Exit Survey Reporting Index.

Ongoing Data Collection

To participate in the survey and submit your responses for assisting others to see just how deep the controversies surrounding the Church of Scientology run, use one of the following links. See the Web Usage Notes below if you experience any technical difficulties.

The Exit Survey was first launched in December of 2009. As of December 2010, the total number of respondents was nearly at 350. Although the preliminary data gathered is revealing, additional input is desperately needed to capitalize on using the published results to help current members of the Church of Scientology to see that their doubts are justified.

If you are a former member of the CofS who has not submitted your own answers to the survey, please consider taking the time to participate in this ongoing effort so that your experiences can be counted for all to see.

Web Usage Notes:
The third-party service from that the Exit Survey is hosted on is a freebie deal, and you know what they say: You get what you pay for.

As such, some participants may encounter a few minor quirks. The most persistent one is that most IE7 web browsers may have a brain fart on the starting page only. Thus, if it looks like you hit a blank page when you first access one of the links above - scroll over to the right to get started.

Additionally, the full-blown URL is so dang long it may occasionally get chopped off when a copy/pasted version is accessed, causing a bogus page-not-found error. The longer URL has also been known to cause a stuck-cookie oddity if you have a look at the survey initially but wait until later to complete it. On the return visit, the cookie from the earlier session can be stuck and prematurely punt the participant to the finish page.

In both of the quirky situations above, accessing the survey via the shorter redirect link will typically solve the problem. If use of the alternative URL doesn't resolve these occasional oddities please try using a different web browser, clearing your internet cookies & temp files, or consider upgrading your IE browser to the current version via Windows Updates (and accept our apologies in advance for the inconvenience).

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  1. It is useful to email new religion and sociology scholars like Prof Hugh Urban, from time to time, and update them on any new news in the Scientology front ex member history.

    Some things DO change, slowly.

    For instance, by past standards, Scientology would have already launched an excessive overreation counter-attack to the new book, "Inside Scientology" by Janet Reitman, but Scientology has delayed their retaliation, by a week now.

    That's new!

    Compared to how fast Scientology reacted to both the anti Scientology BBC Show, and the Anderson Cooper anti Scientology show, and the anti St. Pete Times that Scientology put out.

    We haven't even heard from Tommy Davis, in this past week, at all.


    In truth, this is something new.

    This is a lull, it might signal either that Tommy himself is "busted" from his PR frontman position, at the moment, or else David Miscavige is actually choosing to not do anything.

    Or it might mean they are just way backlogged in dealing with the counter attack, and bidding their time, to accumulate more angles, or maybe it is that David Miscavige has not yet decided WHAT to do, in retaliation to the Janet Reitman "Inside Scientology" book just out.

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    Routed out March 29, 2003.
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