Blogspot Do-over Underway

For those who might be wondering "what's going on here" with this blog, yes - it's currently under re-construction with a cross-camp collaborative effort do-over.

What was previously just a simple web repository for showcasing the published reports from the Exit Survey project, is in the process of being re-branded as the new Church of Scientology Exit Zone - or 'jus plain Exit Zone for short.

So the new purpose of this blog is to setup a central square, outside the world of forums, for promoting multiple data collection projects that span several different camps within the Scientology critic circles (WWP, OCMB, ESMB, and the Tipping Point). Our hope is to build a respectful common ground index of tools and resources that will serve as a comfortable middle-path stop on the interwebz from the conservatively critical side of the fence.

Furthermore, we aim to host information adhering to a single-focus theme that all those with interests in seeing changes in regards to the Church of Scientology modus operandi can mutually agree on - more help is needed for getting people OUT of the church. Ultimately, the way out is the way out - and that is all that matters here on the Exit Zone. Once current members are free of church's destructive hold on their lives, they are likewise free to choose their future path beyond organized scientology as far as we're concerned.

All of the data collection projects showcased here aim to help current members of the Church of Scientology see that their doubts are valid and find their way out of the Church of Scientology organization. Our target audience is for people who are still actively involved with the official church, but on the fence and beginning to open their eyes to the more critical viewpoints. As well as helping non-sci family or friends concerned about their loved ones' involvement understand what they are dealing with in trying to help someone to see the light.

As of this post, there is still a few unfinished spots when you surf through the newly added pages available from the site navigation links at the top of the blog. Tentative launch date for making a formal public announcement in the various online communities introducing the Exit Zone is likely a month or so away.

Update Dec. 27, 2010: We're basically done with all the under construction zones, and just waiting to see where the pending wwp wiki resurrection stands after the holiday season passes. Please excuse the delay & temporarily busted wiki links, shi- happens, and when its hardware related - its not easy to find the time to make things right on a site thats solely supported by volunteered/donated resources.

Having trouble making sense of the lingo and slang used on this blog? Check out the glossary of terms specific to this announcement in the post below, and/or following the related sidebar link under Labels to see an informal index of glossary definitions that will grow over time as more materials are posted here at the Exit Zone.

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