Glossary of Wog Words #1

Chapter 1: Basic Internet-savvy Vocabulary

The following glossary of terms is the first installment of a series of posts humbly offered as an aid to Scientologists who may be struggling to leap over the language barriers between the various different camps who find fault with the Church of Scientology.

For additional information on the purpose behind this series of posts, and further explanation of the "Type of "Lingo" classification in the embedded document below, please refer to the previously posted Exit Zone Glossary Classifications.

A hardcopy version in PDF format that isn't so hard on the eyes will eventually be made available in the Exit Zone documents collection on Scribd once more entries are posted, and indexed for greater ease of references at the bottom of the Resources page.

For more definitions commonly used in the Scientology activism and reformation communities, check out the related Glossary label readily available on the sidebar. (More posts like this one coming soon!)

Click the title of this post or ob any other entries on this micro blog to visit the related link for a given announcement.

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