Steve Hassan & Tory Christman: Getting In & Getting Out of a Cult

The notable cult expert and author Steve Hassan, who is also the founder of the Freedom of Mind Center, recently gave a talk in Los Angeles in conjunction with an event hosted by the Sinai Temple.

Afterwards, he had the opportunity to tape the following 60 minute discussion with Ex-Scientologist Tory Christman on November 20th, 2010.

From the video description on the Freedomofmind Vimeo Channel:

I got the chance to sit down with my friend Tory Christman, a former 30 year Scientologist (OT7 and did it twice!), who was directed to do some of the very first "dirty tricks" on the internet, and who left the group and has been one of the most courageous, outspoken critics. Tory has a simply amazing experience to tell. She went all the way "up the bridge" to discover it was not what she ever wanted to be involved in. She knew John Travolta and other celebrities in the group.

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Need someone to talk to? Tory is a fabulous resource to reach out too, and she helps many former members far and wide. Just stop by to find her personal contact information.

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