Karen Pressley Presents Not In My Back Yard to GSA

The Georgia Sociological Association (GSA) held its 2010 Annual Meeting on October 29, in Decatur, Georgia that featured Ms. Karen Pressley, Scientology expert and former 16-year member.

The GSA was formed in 1964 and is an organization of academic and applied professional sociologists and students who strive to improve research, teaching, and discussion among persons in the State of Georgia engaged in the scientific study of society and culture.

The conference theme for this year's annual GSA meeting was Healthy, Just, and Sustainable Communities. Ms. Pressley was amongst the guest speakers and gave the following presentation entitled Not In My Back Yard: Cults, Communities, and Concerns.

Karen also participated in a panel discussion on the subject of "Rehabilitation or Religious Reeducation? The Intersections of Therapeutic Communities, Synanon, and Narconon" thats available on the following links.

According to the SP Times in 2006; Pressley left Scientology in 1998 and refused to come back for sec checks. She has publicly denounced "substandard" child care at church facilities around the world and criticized the church for the "condition of poverty" that staffers lived in. She endured disconnection from her husband along with the usual dead agent attacks in the aftermath, yet managed to find her own salavation along the path of Christian ministries.

Ms. Pressley also went on to successfully pursue a higher education that she now puts to good use when speaking out critically against the abusive practices the Church of Scientology inflicts upon its parishioners.

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