Professor Stephen Kent on Scientology and other cults in America

The following lecture on Scientology is an oldie but a goodie from the XenuTV video archives.

This segment is from the Leo J. Ryan Education Foundation CULTinfo conference series in 2000, featuring Professor Stephen Kent from the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Stephen A. Kent, Ph.D is a Sociology Department Professor who teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on the sociology of religion and the sociology of sectarian groups.He has published extensively on his research into various cults including Scientology, the Children of God, other alternative religions and Ritual Satanic Abuse.

His more poignant studies in regards to becoming informed about the ramifications of the Church of Scientology being a cult include the following published works.

Professor Kent is also one of the few cultic studies researches that looks extensively at the testimony of ex-members and is vocal in his criticism of the groups that his finding indicate to be dangerous.

Thus, he has weathered many a storm with major blow back from the cults he exposes. Additionally, he's also been a frequent target of the legions of paid-for cult apologists who earn a living criticizing the real scholars while trying to publicly brand a cult's enemies as the so-called "critic" so as to buffer the damage their academic works inflict.

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