Facing Your Doubts About The Church of Scientology

For current members of the Church of Scientology organization that may be out there on interwebz lurking in silence, the backlink featured on this post's title is a must-read reference by Tom Martiniano on the scientology-cult.com website.

Listen to your doubtsIf you are struggling with coming to grips with all the troubling controversies becoming readily apparent these days with your church, there is an obvious solution for sorting out your upsets.

Accept that you have doubts, and then go looking for answers with an open mind - see for yourself how deep the accusations run and whether or not they have merit or ring true for you.

Then do as many others have done - run an honest doubt formula in accordance with the practice defined in the Introduction to Scientology Ethics book that looks at ALL sides of the issues. Open your mind to sources of information beyond the church's own propaganda, and evaluate their claims for yourself.

“By doubting we come at truth.”
- Cicero

Yes, there is a lot of information out there to absorb along the path of becoming fully informed. There is also a wide-range of ground to find commonality with: pro-church, pro-LRH but anti-church, pro-none-of-the-above (anti-everything), plus many shades of gray in between. The decision of where you personally stand is ultimately your own, but none-the-less we urge you to do your own doubt formula as so many others have done and become fully informed before coming to your own conclusions.

The following useful nuggets are offered as further food4thought on the matter. In the coming days, we will also begin indexing published doubt formulas from a range of source for further reading. With the goal being to build up a useful cross-reference under the related blog label on this post, with insights spanning multiple communities representative of the full range of opinions on the controversial aspects of the Church of Scientology.

If you discover your doubts are justified, please considering sending a copy of your doubt formula to scientology-cult@nyms.net This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to be posted online in response to the featured backlink on this post title.

Another alternative to consider is releasing your doubt formula in some other means amongst the online community of your choice. Or post a comment on this article if you need help getting it online, and the anon-friendly human rights advocates managing this sector of the interwebz will be happy to help.

The more voices who speak up - no matter where they stand when they come forward - the easier it becomes to set others free.

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