AnonyNews Report on CofS Exit Survey

A segment of the AnonyNews 10.5 broadcast from February 2010 featured a review of the ongoing CofS Exit Survey project. Special thanks going out to the German Anons for the wonderful plug, the following video is spliced from the original segment to highlight the survey coverage.

The recently released monthly reports for April marked our first milestone of 250 responses gathered. A few highlights of the demographic the survey is reaching is reflected in the summary charts provided below (click on the thumbnail chart to view the full size image).

The initial cross-community support for this project was a little tricky to navigate at first. However, there seems to be signs that hopefully indicate a cohesive acceptance of this effort slowly building amongst all the different camps who find fault with the Church of Scientology organization. For additional discussion on these efforts, check out one of the following threads in the camp of your choice.

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