Exit Zone Glossary Classifications

With an aim towards spanning the language barriers that current members of the Church of Scientology often struggle with when they first venture out of scieno-speak indoctrination and seek answers on the internet in response to their growing doubts...

An upcoming series of posts entitled the "Glossary of Wog Words" will soon be launched here on the Exit Zone blog.

Unlike all of the other Scientology-related glossaries on the web that define scieno-speak terms for the un-initiated to understand the world inside the CofS, our glossary will cater to helping the initiated understand the outside world from within the bubble that cults tend to enveloper their members in to filter outside influences.

The list of terms included will be classified by type of lingo or language standard being defined, according to the following list.

Type of Lingo - Glossary Classifications
  • General ::  General-purpose definitions of common vernacular meaning of words as it relates to the subject matter and content on this microblog.
  • Sci-speak ::  Scientology’s own internal form of language that's essential knowledge for interpreting their doctrines and teachings.
  • Web-speak ::  Common pop culture slang or familiar technical terms used by those who are internet-savvy.
  • Anon-speak ::  Common subculture slang terms that are often derived from memes or offensive language being neutralized with satire.
  • Clinical ::  Standard medical, academic and/or scientific terms.
  • Universal ::  Specific-purpose definitions widely excepted as the norm by the world-at-large.

The glossary will be published in installments, usually accompanying an important announcement or another post of some significance. The segments will be released such that the home page of this microblog (set to show 2 posts per page) will show a feature article on top, and the supplement glossary post as /b/ackup underneath.

If you find this glossary series helpful and wish to see other words defined, feel free to add comments on any given post with the Glossary label to relay your requests & suggestions.

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