Scientology Exit Survey Results Published for Q1 2011

The latest batch of published reports has been released on the wiki index for this project and elsewhere as the first quarterly update for 2011.

The following results are based on 380 total respondents as of April 2011. Historical results are also archived on the WWP wiki under Scientology Exit Survey Results.

For more information on the available documentation compiled by this informal study, check out the Church of Scientology Exit Survey Reporting Index and the related scribd collection.

Interesting factoids about this batch of quarterly updates - we're only up by 20 responses from 4th quarter of 2010, which is understandable since we backed off of promoting this in order to give James R. Lewis his rightful shot to get some input on his survey tool.

Despite that drop in new responses, the 20 that we did get were chock full of old timers rich in experience and nearly 1/2 fell into the 10-15 years in the church bracket while 1/3 were in the > 25 yrs bracket. This gave us some much needed balance in the time-spent demographics so it's all good.
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75% of respondents who answered this question feel certain
that the Church of Scientology did them undue harm.

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The Online CofS Exit Survey is one of several ongoing data collection projects being featured and promoted to new audiences here on the Exit Zone blog. Our current initiatives include continuing to publish quarterly reporting updates for the remainder of the current year (and possibly longer if active participating remains steady).

We also plan to seek expert review and opinion on our little amateur scholarship project from recognized cult experts and other academics once the accumulated results reach approximately 500 respondents.

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We hope that former members of the Church of Scientology who like what they see here, take the time to participate in all of the Exit Zone data collection projects dedicated to broadening public awareness and documenting the truth regarding organized scientology being a destructive group.

Additionally, another fascinating info gathering effort to check out is Jeff Hawkin's recent Poll on Leaving Scientology that attempts to the quantify some of the gains commonly achieved with various Church of Scientology training and processing levels.

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