Scientology Exit Survey Results Published for Q4-2010

The first year of CofS Exit Survey Project has finally come to a close, and with much thanks to all who participated - we're proud to announce that we officially passed our 2010 endoyear goal for 350 total responses gathered!!!

The latest batch of published reports has been released on ESMB and elsewhere as the final quarterly update for 2010. The following results are based on 359 total respondents as of January 1, 2011.

For more information on the available documentation compiled by this informal study, check out the Church of Scientology Exit Survey Reporting Index and the related scribd collection.

NOTE:  the project wiki page that normally serves as the central square for this effort isn't currently available due to technical difficulties, but it's in the process of being resurrected and shall return to its proper place on the interwebz in near future.

** - Now includes 1/3 more data points in the original charts, plus 3 brand new summary chart comparisons (shown below) as /r/ by armchair analystfags on WWP who were charting participation stats and wished to see additional layers of detail on progress up the processing side of the Church of Scientology Bridge related to Auditing & OT levels.

 *** - Now with more files for summary chart sauce (source files). Fellow number crunchers & researchfags are welcome to play with the new spreashsheet included in the download bundle to spin custom charts just for grins and/or offer suggestions on summary chart improvements/additions for including in future versions of these published reports.

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"Straight-up and Vertical" anoyone?

Why so many retreads on Clear? No doubt it's the GAT.

Lots of retreads on OT Eligibility and unfinished OTVII. Hmmm.

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The Online CofS Exit Survey is one of several ongoing data collection projects being featured and promoted to new audiences here on the Exit Zone blog.

We also hope that former members of the Church of Scientology who like what they see here, take the time to participate in these various efforts dedicated to broadening public awareness and documenting the truth regarding organized scientology being a destructive group.

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