New Online Survey Launched for Former CofS Members

The CoS Exit Survey Project was launched online by Anonymous anti-cult activists, and is dedicated to the creation of a simple 20-question polling instrument for those who have left the control of the Church of Scientology. The goal is to gather findings in an informal study of the latest public controversies, and published the results online on a regular basis for further statistical analysis and commentary.

The survey has been crafted to respect the real-life experience and current beliefs for both those who continue Scientology practice in some form and those who do not. It has also been designed to maximize its usefulness to a broad range of communities and interests including opinion and decision makers in the major institutions of society.

For more details on this new collaborative initiative, checkout the wiki page at Church of Scientology Exit Survey

The findings are being compiled on weekly basis and released to the public domain, with various online discussions blossoming across the collaboratings camps involved. Subscribe to this micro blog to stay updated on ongoing progress reports and other newsflash highlights as the gathered info is published to the current reports index.

Additional online discussion is available on the ESMB Motherthread, under the WWP Active Projects forum, and elsewhere.

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